Professional Land Surveying for projects of all sizes
A winning combination of cutting-edge technology and more than 36 years of surveying expertise make Cayman Survey Associates Ltd. the industry leader in land surveying. We serve a variety of residential & commercial clients in Cayman.

We offer a comprehensive suite of land surveying services designed around your surveying needs. You can also count on us for hydrographic surveying and stockpile evaluation services. Moreover, we are experts in civil and mechanical engineering.

Land Surveying

We are experienced in surveying large projects. Our chartered surveyors deliver nothing but sound, accurate and safe results in land surveying. Whether you are a contractor, developer or an individual, we have got all your land surveying needs covered.

Our wide range of land surveying services includes:

Strata Title

Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial property, when it comes to strata title you need a company you can trust in Cayman. Cayman Survey Associates Ltd. is here to fulfil all your strata title needs.

Subdivisions Survey

Whether it is small subdivision or larger development projects, we are here to assist you with a range of subdivisions work. With us, you save time and money by avoiding expensive appeals and lengthy reconsiderations.

Demarcation Survey

Our experts provide demarcation survey services to the real estate developers and civil construction sector. With our well-equipped technology, we can execute demarcation survey promptly and on-time.


Apart from land surveying, we also work on construction projects. Cayman Survey Associates Ltd. can set out everything from buildings to roads, water & sewer, electric & cable line lines, docks and piles.

Planning Application

We have deep experience in dealing with various land use and development projects. Let us create a detailed planning report that evaluates the proposal against the policies, strategies and provisions of the planning scheme.

Topographical Surveys

When it comes to planning or designing developmental and improvement projects, we’re here to carry out topographical surveys. Let us identify and map natural and man-made features to offer you a base map for the design of a building or road.

Property Boundary Disputes

Are you involved in a dispute over property land boundaries? We are the professional land surveying company that can help! We offer accurate, easy-to-interpret boundary surveys to establish true property lines legally.

Volume Surveys

The information we gather from our surveys allows us to determine volumes. Removal of material in quarries can be monitored. Contractors blasting and removing the rock in quarries are usually paid by the cubic metre of removed material. Control Surveys can cost effectively assess the amount removed, thus ensuring both client and contractor are remunerated accordingly.
When it comes to the task of measuring stockpiles eg. quarry projects get accurate measurements of the volume of your commodity.

Boundary Re-establishment Survey

Whether you want to improve upon a structure within the boundaries of your land or establish standardised boundaries for writing up a will, our licensed surveyors will undertake your re-establishment survey in a detailed manner.

For fast response times and the highest quality land surveying services, call us.